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They ran out in Nashville immediately following Ike, hiking our prices to well over $4/gallon for a bit. However, the price has dropped back down now to about $3.85 and we never had a shortage here.

Hmmm...I have a full tank of gas. If we ran out now and I didn't have to work for a week, that'd be great!

Wayfaring Wanderer

I don't think that we've run out, but people were lined up at the pumps. This reminds me....I should filler up!


This is so strange! My sister-in-law in Atlanta told me earlier in the week that they had many stations out of gas, but I never experienced that in South Florida. I wonder why certain areas have been affected and others have not been.


Our newspaper, The Miami Herald, had a story on this today. I guess you all are still having a gas shortage...Nashville area, Atlanta area and Western North Carolina. It is still strange to me that you all are affected and other areas are not. I hope they rectify this situation very soon for your sake!


The Atlanta area is still having some problems getting gas. This past weekend was horrible - most stations had no gas and the few stations that had gas had cars lined up not only in the parking lot but down the highway hoping to get in the parking lot... It was absolutely crazy!

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