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I hated to see this, too, Wesley. I'm a big fan of Burt's Bees products (especially their beeswax lip balm). I'm sure Clorox would assure people that nothing will change, but I'm not sure I would believe that. And, yep, it is "about the money."


Most folks can't resist the allure of a giant chunk of money. I probably couldn't, either, no matter how strong my ideals are.

It's sad, really.


I once heard that all the packaged items in a grocery could be attributed to 3 or 4 mega corporations.


I've heard about it too. Doesn't make sense to me- a company which boast having natural products selling to Clorox. ???


It's very sad, but a true reality when the majority of Americans want goods cheaper, faster and in mega-bulk-size quantities. Sigh.

Lill Hawkins

Oh no! My daughter loves Burt's Bees products and is going to be really upset if they change them. She's ten and she's still reeling from all the toy recalls. Yeah, it's all about the money.

In my opinion, money is a lot nicer when you earn it ethically, without hurting anyone else.

Shine On,


That is extremely frustrating. I recently heard that Chacos--which has always been a herald of corporate responsibility--will be outsourcing to China in the future. Very, very disappointing isn't it?


OK...i'll bite...what is so evil about the Clorox company?
Honestly, i really don't know. i went to their website and can't see if another bigger company owns them or not.
And, quite frankly, if a they are as reputable as it appears...i don't see the problem...i confess that if some big corporation that stayed in the U.S. the way they have wanted to buy my business for enough money to take care of me and my family for the rest of our lives and allow us to focus our attention more on giving to the community and less on running a business, i'd do it in a hearbeat.

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