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Sara Short

Well, I really enjoyed this Friday Fact! Great Post. Last weekend we drove north through the mountains and they really are undescribably beautiful. I agree 100%.


This is a wonderful Friday Fact, Wesley! Being a loyal and proud North Carolinian, I knew Plott Hounds were the State Dog, but I didn't know about their history. Fascinating! And wonderful photos, as well. Honey really is a honey of a dog!


I also enjoyed this! I've seen/heard the name Plott - both in reference to the Mountains and the (cute) Dogs...but the history is new and interesting. Thanks!

Honey is adorable!


I never knew that there WAS a state dog, let alone what dog it was. I love learning about the origins of things and names, so thanks much for this FF. Very interesting.

Your pooch looks like a sweetie...so good name!

My FF is up at http://spatter.typepad.com


That was very enlightening! I just spent some time up your way and I can see the Plott Balsam range out my back porch. I love to learn about the history of the area. Thank you for sharing!


What a coincidence that I was catching up on your blog and read this today. Just yesterday I was working a book signing for John O'Hurley (J. Peterman from Seinfeld) at the National Dog Show in Philadelphia. I noticed a woman with a smallish, dark brindled hound dog (like your Honey but without the white chest). It was a beautiful dog. When I asked her about its name and origin she said it originated in Germany but that the breed is now from NC. As you described, the dog was gentle acting and very intelligent. Since I've been out of NC for so long I did not know it was the state dog but I was so impressed with it that I actually wrote the name down to help me remember it. Great post, Wesley!
BTW - the dog show will air on NBC Thanksgiving day after the Macy's parade (approx. 12:00). NBC was filming the book signing so you might catch a glimpse of me and one of my supervisors, Danielle, who worked the show with me. O'Hurley is the Master of Ceremonies for the show so you will definitely see him.


What a wonderful story...and she is so adorable...i really wish i could have a dog.


I have Honey's great grandaughter- born Christmas morning .....maybe. One of the pups looks exactly like her. If someone is interested. Get in touch with me at christycreekkennel.com We are Plott enthustist! The pups are priced at $250.00 per. We are just across the mountains in Eastern KY. We still have 5 from one litter and 11 from the Christmas welping.


I may have honey's granddaughter, one that looks just like her was born Christmas day, At our Eastern Kentucky farm just over the mountains. We are Plott enthusist and have plenty of pups right now. Any body interested just email me at christycreekkennel.com we are not acommercial outfit and never realizied how fertile thes dogs are. Great pets or hunt dogs.

Honestly the one pup is a Honey clone. Still working on the web site will have pics soon


Heidi Federico

Your dog is absolutely beautiful! We have Plott hounds aswel. We actually had a litter of 12 at the end of October. My husband hunts coyotes with them but they are the most loving and enjoyable pets. Unfortunately we just had to put down our male, Blue, he was having too many seizures and didn't come out of it last time. We are very fortunate that we bread the dogs when we did. Our Blue looked a lot like your Honey. I don't have our pictures on the computer or I would send some, maybe later.


My last name is Plott because of Jonathan. He is my related to me. Because he changed his name to Plott I am know a Plott. I don't own a Plott hound but would love to. It is weird that I share a name with a dog, but it is cool.

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