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Community College pay is just a small step above slave labor. They get a lot of value out of what they pay.

That said, some of my best classes were at a community college.


You're a Librarian waiting to happen. Come on over! NC has excellent Library schools, and if they are like IL they may have an online program that would enable you to take many of your classes at home.

Helping people, making a difference, chance for an advancement, great co-workers, diversity in what you can do, exciting changes in the field, decent pay and benefits, GREAT working environment. It's a job where you can go 20 different directions and never get stuck. I can do a great kids program or write a kick-butt grant. I can manage a podcasting project or spent time ordering books. I love my job for the sheer diversity in what I do every day.

Sorry.....got on my podium there. It's also fantastic if you have a love for teaching and learning.

Why don't you check out the new documentary I just posted about. I love breaking sterotypes............ Shannon

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