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Hey, Wes,
Congrats on the job. And Merry Christmas. Mom and Dad were without power for 6 days -- she was telling me about it this morning. Tell everyone there "hi" for me please, incl. your dad and brothers!


This is a sad holiday story. Don't want to bum you out, but maybe somebody will read this and act, more effectively than me. I was at the store Christmas eve, getting a last few things for Christmas dinner. A family, mom, dad, two kids, were walking around with a loaded cart. The mom had wandered off out of sight, and the dad started screaming and cursing, where the h@ll was she. The little girl told him she was just down the aisle, you could hear the placating tone in her voice. Her younger brother was pushing the cart to checkout, and you could see the horror and dismay written clearly in his expression. The dad then grabbed a bottle of soda out of the cart and began a new tirade, "who put this in here?" and the boy was scrambling to defend his sister. The dad walked away with the soda and I could see how upset the boy remained, so I smiled and said directly to him, Have a Merry Christmas, hoping to let him see someone cared. All he could manage was a resigned little smirk, and a tiny nod of his head. Yeah, my response was weak, there were a million better things for me to say but I've never been quick on my feet. The whole thing reminded me of all the holidays and birthdays, ruined by my drunk father and the fear of what he was going to do. I would have liked to have been able to spare that kid some of the same pain.

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