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Some of her behavior is her age, some is personality. But it will get better!

I posted something similar to your blog awhile back: having another baby is what helped my daughter stop looking to me for entertainment. I think some parents don't have another child because they think it will mean twice as much work, twice as much entertaining. It does mean more laundry and more time to get out of the house when you want to go somewhere. But there are great trade-offs as well.

Especially now that my kids are older. They keep each other occupied, they make up silly games together, they have secrets that only siblings have. I wouldn't ever go back to one child.

May not be an option or something you want, so the only other suggestion I have is find a SAHM play group. Find ways to get your daughter together with other kids her age. You can even do that in the mountains.


I am scared of having another. I mean Owen is an easy child, and I still have days where I am terribly stressed and overwhelmed. How much worse will that be if there were two?

And the benefits of their playing with each other certainly don't kick in until they're both mobile and verbal.

Mostly I'm scared of the first three to five months. That was the hardest I've worked in my entire life. And, again, Owen is an easy child.

Thanks for the suggestions, though. I do need to find a playgroup when we get there.


I had those same fears. I breastfed for 11 months with my first and remembered all the sleepless nights, the diaper changing, the feedings every 2-4 hours. But you've already done it. Somehow it is less stressful the second time around because some of the worry is gone. You've got the baby years down pat.

They can play almost from the first day home. Trust me. My daughter was fascinated with my son when we brought him home. She would bring him toys, lay down with him under his little toy-mobile thingie, pick up stuff when he dropped it.

But, these are only my opinions. And I am not you. You know yourself and what you can and can't handle. I just wanted to let you know it's not as stressful and horrible as you might be imagining.

If you have a brother or sister, think how glad you are to have them around for you. That was a big motivator for me to have that 2nd one. I couldn't imagine not having my sister to turn to. And wouldn't you want the same for your daughter some day?

Argh! Am I laying a guilt trip!? That was not my intention. Just wanted to give you my perspective. Sorry.

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