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Such high praise.... but here's a dose of reality.... our OH deal fell through, so now we're scrambling to try to get another buyer in the time frame. We do have financing worked out (thanks Mom, Dad, Gram, & Gramp) to actually get the NC house regardless, but will be looking at double payments in Sept if we don't get something soon. So, I've painted a little, and kept up with the yard work, and toughest part is keeping it clean with 2 boys running thru it constantly. Anyway, the point is.. keep plugging away despite the curve balls and unforseen. It all works out in the end, and the quest for perfection only leads to frustration. Sending hugs..... J. P.S. Danny just spilled his cherrylimade on the rug. UGG!!


So sorry to hear you've had troubles. Laura told me about it the day after I wrote this. I'm glad to know you're still on target to join us in NC next month, but sure hope you don't have to do double payments--that would really stink.

Although I do hope our house sells quickly and we get on out of here, I'm looking forward to living in the same region as you guys for at least a short while!

Maybe we can steal some of your boxes when you unpack! (Although Laura may fight me for them).

Best of luck! Wes


Thanks for the praise sent my way too. But I also have a dose of reality. It took me 5 weeks to get my house ready to sell and I can send my kids out of the room and have them dress or even entertain themselves. It is only now that they are both in someone else's care part of the day that I have been able to attend to work.

I love your descriptions of the 3 options of WNC living. They all sound great - makes me want to follow you out there. I hope we will be able to gather at my dad's lake house sometime. The house is not particularly kid-friendly but they have a big dock, boat and seadoo.



Five weeks? Really? Yuck. I'm beginning to think our house will never be ready to sell.

Good news to all interested: Jeannette's house in Ohio is under contract, scheduled to close Aug 31, so no double payments. Yeah! Cheer!

Welcome (back) to NC you guys.


Hi there-
I just found your site and I love it! I have yet to discover which bucolic Western NC town you are moving to (or which University), but I know quite a bit about the 3 options of mountain living. We chose to be "mountain people"...we have a fabulous view and a harrowing road. Feel free to email me if you have any questions on the pros/cons!
ps- Owen is such a cutie!


Thanks Leila, for stopping in and commenting. I found your site through Blue Ridge Blog and liked it enough to add it here.

As for where we'll be, well, as you know there are only two universities in Western NC in bucolic little mountain towns (Asheville doesn't count--it's a city), and I have to say it is not your employer. That makes it hard to figure out, huh? I'm so myterious (ha).

Anyway, welcome.

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