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I think you may have visited my blog, and so I came to check yours out. Little did I know I would find someone that has so much in common with me...you are only a few years behind me!

I was living in MD with my spouse and 2 kids, we both had excellent jobs, but we were burdened with a long commute and 2 separate daycare situations...one was in preschool near our place of employment, another was in school near our house (45 min. away). Stress was eating away at our lives, and we were all miserably unhappy.

Then, we took a vacation down to SW Virginia, and decided that was the moment. We needed to take action now.

So, we sold our house, left our good paying jobs with great benefits, and scraped together the money to buy a bed and breakfast in the Blue Ridge Mountains. And we are so much happier for it!

We may not be making any money...heck, we are still LOSING money at this, but I am so glad we did it! Life is short, and you only have so much time to spend with your kids and your husband. Don't wait around for life to change for the better, take charge of your life and just do it!

Sorry this is a long comment, but I really felt a kinship with your posts. Good luck to you and your family!


Thank you for your comments, Kristin. And thank you for the link from your site--I'm honored.

We're finding more and more people with stories like yours. I'm sure the short synopsis you give is a monumental simplification of what you actually went through. I'm happy to know that despite the money issues, you still say you're the better for it.

I hope years from now we'll say the same thing!

Mollie Bryan

I have visited your blog and enjoyed many times. And I am quite pleased that you have linked to my blog. We have a great deal in common, it seems. I lived in the Washington, D.C. area for about 15 years and when I got pregnant, I knew I had to get out. Now, we are living in the Shenandoah Valley of Viriginia and are quite happy. Often I say to my husband what a blessing this has been. His office is only 15 or 20 minutes from home. When he gets home, he usually still had energy to enjoy our girls. And I've been able to stay-at-home and freelance. It has not always been easy, but I have always believed down deep in my bones that it is so worth it.

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