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Hmm, I learned something today. Thanks!

I got a nice clear photo of a coyote on the trail camera last week. We have plenty of them around here--I love listening to them on summer evenings.


Fascinating post, Wesley. You aren't going to believe this, but I was going to do my Friday Fact this week on coyotes! We have been discussing them a lot lately because we apparently have a huge family unit of coyotes living at the giant rock formation in the woods down the mountain from our house. Every time now I walk on our trail, they start up with the yipping and howling. It's a little unnerving for them to be so close. This summer, they howled right under our bedroom window--so often that we had to take to shutting it at night because they woke us up! Also, it's uncanny that you have that picture of the coyote walking down the middle of the road and looking arrogant. Our neighbor across the way just told us that he was up one morning around 5 and saw a lone coyote strolling right down the yellow stripe of the road like he owned it...and all he surveyed.


Welcome to FF Wesley! I'm beginning to get spooked...you, Beth, and I all independently writing this week about canines. I've always been unsure about the difference between coyotes and wolves. I saw & took good photo gets of a coyote in Marin County/SF when visiting there in October. Because he had a bushy tail, I wondered if maybe I had it wrong and he was a wolf. Coyotes to me had to look like Wiley...all raggedy. Now thanks to you, I KNOW he was a coyote. Anyway, he was right there on the side of the road - very laid back about people being near. At one point he walked right past my car window. I live in rural VA and we hear coyotes often and see them some. We have a small white dog who we don't let out at night without adult supervision and lights!

lucky pennies

Yay Wesley! I'm glad you joined the Friday Facters! :D And you're off to an excellent start!

It was really disconcerting when we moved to the mountains to find out we had coyotes. In the subdivision-y areas we lived in in Raleigh, you'd get used to seeing birds small rodents, generally nothing bigger than a raccoon, except the occasional deer. But in the mountains, there is everything from deer to coyotes to bears!


How very interesting! We hear them at our mountain house all the time and since I have two small dogs, I always worry about them and won't let them out unsupervised. Thanks for the insight....


Very nicely done! Coyotes seem to make the soul shiver - such a lonesome cry in the night. We have them on our farm. Mostly we worry when the cows are calving but so far they have left the cows alone (knock wood).


People around here (Patrick County, Virginia) have seen coyotes but I haven't yet. Interesting post!

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