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Sara Short

Wow, you do have a lot to think about. I wish it was an easier decision for you.


good luck with your decision


As one who shares the Blue Ridge Mountain dream, I understand your angst. As a Texan who travels to the Blue Ridge of WNC let me offer this insight, if all other things are equal take the Florida option. The reason I say this is you are much closer to family in Florida. The ability to travel less to visit the people and places you love will be a big factor in how often you will visit. I know these are things you are already weighing, but as one that makes the drive from Texas let me tell you, it is a very long drive.

Wishing you lot's of luck in your pursuit.


What a terrible decision to have to make. I am glad I'm not in your shoes. If it were me, I'd do the online course option. Just because you have now found your home, you are close to family, you *do* like your work. Those are a BUNCH of positives. And it seems these are things you have been wanting for a very long while.

If your husband does pursue the Ph.D. in Florida or Texas, there is no guarantee you can come back. You may end up somewhere completely different.

I am sure engineering is a much different field, but I have a friend who pursued her Master's in History. She had an extremely rough time finding a job in the area she wanted to live - the Midwest. Then, she got so discouarged, she reluctantly started looking for a job anywhere. After a few years of struggle, she finally found a position at a small, private college in the Midwest.

Perhaps engineering instructors are more in demand because many engineers choose to make more money by working in the field rather than instructing...

Anyway, what I mean to say is, make sure you know what his job options will be once he puts in all the work to get his Ph.D. Where are the open positions? Would you be happy living in Arizona, let's say, if that were the best job option for him?

So many things to think about...probably many we (your readers) don't even know about. Good luck!


Good luck from me, too. I hope whatever decision you and Paul come to, it makes you happy.


what a dilemma! Far to common I'm afraid, for far too many people these days. Wishing you the best of luck weighing all of the options, all of the pros and cons. Unfortunately, every important decision is almost always an act of faith...for there are no guarantees, no certainties...but you already know this.

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