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Well said. Anyone who blogs about their children, even if it's only a small percentage of the entries, seems to get slapped with the 'mommyblog' label. Just like you are more than a parent, your blog is more than a mommy blog. Don't get tied down by the label.


I feel your pain. I am Legion. We all are. Our personae scream for attention. We scratch where it itches. Sometimes, for me, it's a week of back to back posts about or pictures of the dog; then it's bird flu; then, language or writing. All of me: why not take all of me--my blogging theme song. I figure people can always eat around the bones to find what they can digest, what suits their taste.


Thanks to you both for your comments.

As usual, Fred, you state it more eloquently than I.

I think the crux of it is that I eschew labels of any type and do not wish to be categorized. Problem is, I do want people to find my blog interesting enough to return. I guess I can't help wanting you all to like me.

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